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My general philosophy about birth is that you should do what works for you! My goal is for parents (birthing parents especially) to feel supported in and empowered by birth, in whatever form it takes, and to feel good about the decisions you make during labor and delivery.

I strive to be a calm and assuring presence, to help you trust your body, to help partners and/or other members of the birth team to feel supported and confident about their role(s), and to bring some humor into the process whenever possible. Feeling safe, relaxed, and calm helps labor feel and progress better, which is just one of many ways that having a doula can make labor and birth go more smoothly.

My style of doula work is very pragmatic; I try to spot what needs to be done in any given moment, and to do it (or empower another member of the birth team to do it!). I aim to be a reassuring presence, and I use whatever methods of comfort seem right, including heat, water, massage, walking, moving, resting, being quiet, using mantras, and letting you do your thing.

We can talk much more about what works for you, what you’re looking for, and how I work in our initial meeting, and in subsequent meetings if we decide to work together.


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